Check out this guy!

If the Lord doesn’t return before then, I hope I am doing as good as this guy when I am 80!

Spending a Day Afield with Clyde Roberts, 102 Year-Old Hunter

Traditional Opening Day!

Today would be the traditional opening day of the general firearms deer season (before they added the extra Saturday). I have never had success on opening day of Archery or General Firearms seasons. This means that today is the earliest I have been blessed to put meat in the freezer this early in the general season! Praise the Lord! This is the best I could do as this is a real selfie using an old camera. Fujifilm S5100. For the hunters, I could not actually see the antlers before getting to the deer. As I got there, I thought I had a spike. As I got closer, I could see it was a 3 pointer. Not really visible in this picture is a small little spike off the base of the antler that makes it a 3 pointer. He dropped where he was hit. Saw it fall through the scope. Ruger M77 chambered at .308win.


Trail Cam Story

So I had to take my trail camera down for a few days to take home and learn the settings better. While it is down, my brother finds this:

We decide that this might be a great spot for the camera to placed. While we are working on hanging the camera, I jokingly tell my brother “that big boy is over on the hill watching us! He is saying to himself “I’m going to go over and smile for that camera this evening!” I set the camera to take two consecutive pictures then start a 30 second video recording. I’ll only post the second picture of me walking away. Notice the date and time at the bottom:

Now, look at the very next two pictures pictures taken on the camera. Date and time are on the bottom:

It almost appears that he is looking around a corner to see if the camera is ready for him!I_00005b To get a better look at him, please check out the video: Trail Cam Video

Squirrel Hunting Gets Real Interesting!

Check out what happened on our squirrel hunt this morning!

Take A Guess!

I have posted a series of six pictures on my domain. I would especially encourage those that live in the Botetourt/Roanoke area to submit a guess. It is open to all.
The pictures have one common theme. Yes, all pictures are taken in Botetourt County. One is a little blurry (sorry about that) but it is clear enough to see the subject. At the bottom of the picture page is a place submit your guess. I might eventually post who guessed correctly first and possibly other guesses. So if you do not want your information published, please guess, but tell me in the submission, not to post your name or guess.

Thanks and have fun guessing!


Three questions:
1. Who are the clowns?
2. Where is the picture taken?’
3. When was the picture taken?
Click here!

New Pic – Where is this?

I have posted a new pic to my web site. Can anyone (besides the girl in the picture) tell me where this picture is taken?


What is a PICK PIC? It is a picture that is shared to pick on someone. It is all in good fun. We all have past pictures that we don’t really like, but our family and friends love to look at. I have added a PICK PIC page to my website. The first pic is a picture of my son and his cousin playing. Let’s see who can be the first to tell me where the picture is taken. PICK PIC PAGE Checkout the picture and comeback and comment here.

Update to Day trip to Lake Sherwood

My last post said there were three videos on my personal page. I was just now able to get all three up and working. Here is the direct link to that page:

Lake Sherwood – A Day Trip

This is a bit of a drive from Roanoke, but a very nice drive to a beautiful lake! Stephanie and I were able to schedule a day trip, the first real outing since our cruise. One would think that since our children are grown, we would have more time together. From Roanoke you can travel US 220 to I-64 or go across SR-311 to I-64. Since were picking up brother Greg and his bride Tracy and meeting them in New Castle, we chose the 311 route. A very wonderful ride for scenery and wildlife. There are more pictures on my personal webpage: Just look for the “photo” link. that page also has three videos.

Here is a view of the lake from the day use/picnic area.

A couple of picnic tables near the lake

Can any one identify this bird? If so, just e-mail me from my website:

How about these “birds”?

Those who have been to Cave Mountain Lake Recreation Area near Natural Bridge, Virginia, this is very similar only larger. There is a tent only loop of sites, however for those with the RV’s there NO hookups. A dump station is provided, but you will have to bring your own water and generator. If using a generator, please abide by the rules.


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