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Never met him, wish I had!

This is quite a heartwarming story. If everyone had this man’s attitude, this country would be so far ahead of the rest of the world; we would be the only country to which people would want to move.

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If the Lord tarries and I need a scooter….

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…I want one like his!

Global Warming?

I know the past year in the United States of America was a very warm year, but this is just one year and for quite some time we have had no global affecting volcanoes that would change the climate in the nothern hemisphere. Don’t think volcanoes have an effect on the surface temperature. Check out Just the other day, had a headline that read: Stunning photos of Australian heat wave and had a beautiful picture associated with it. It was the “related links” headlines that was quite humorous. They read as follows:
Hottest year ever in U.S.
Snow shuts L.A. highway
Rare snowfall in Israel
The appearance of Hottest year ever in U.S. directly above Snow shuts L.A. highway is quite humorous to me.

screenshot yahoo

pic from 1-11-2013

If the hottest year ever results in snow in Los Angeles California, I would hate see what happens in the coldest year ever, or even just a cold year. Even the headline of Hottest year ever in U.S. is funny. Consistent, reliable records for weather in the U.S. do not even go back 200 years. I do not bet, but if I was a betting man, I would put money on it that if you asked the person making this headline how old the earth is, they would respond at least in the millions of years. The very next question should be “What was the average temperature for year 50,000 b.c.?” If they come up with one, it is nothing but speculation.

Yahoo presents all four headlines as “related links”. If this picture is from the Australian coast, what does that have to do with weather in the northern hemisphere? I guess all four headlines are “weather” related, but organized storms and fronts do not cross the equator.

Based on what I was taught as a Virginian grade school person in the 1970’s, we should no longer have Virginia Beach or Newport News. They should be under water by now. Is it not also funny that America’s leading global warming proponent just sold his broadcast network to a “news network” based in a country that derives its wealth from the production and sale of oil to the rest of the world? It is also funny that the broadcast network “owners” said it would only be sold to someone who had similiar interests as itself.

Just a few thoughts on some “facts” about “global warming”. What are your thoughts?

Update January 14, 2013:
Was thinking over the weekend about this subject. It seems that the same environmentally overly concerned people are typically the same people who are wanting to take away the guns from the sane people so that only the crazy people will have them. I thought maybe we could use some of the tactics to help control the climate as they want to use for controlling the violence. I sure hope you checked out the web site linked above to see how much a single volcanoe can change the climate around the globe. If you did, you’ll get a kick out of my ideas:

What can we do to stop the climate change from volcanoes. We need some laws on volcanoe control. First we must show the mountains that are not a real threat. We can paint the tops of these mountains bright colors so everyone will know there is no danger of anything being projected out the barrel, I mean top of the the mountain. But we probably should not be taking school field trips to any mountains. We know it will be impossible to ban all of volcanoes at first, but we should begin with the bigger scary ones, we will call those assault mountains. If we cannot get them banned, let’s put a limit on the amount of ash, dust, water vapor and lava that can come out at any one time. Once we get that done, we can later get some restrictions on the smaller ones. We cannot do this all at once, but we must begin in order save lives and make life for everyone on earth a better place.

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