Bible Study and Church Management Software

If you use a Windows computer, have an iPad, iPhone, iPod (including touch), mp3 player, Windows Mobile 6.x phone, palm device, Blackberry or a webOS device. You should be using the Bible Study software I use. The people of Laridian are great. They produce the best Bible study software at the best prices. You can click on the following link to access their website. For future purchases, please return here to log in. Or you can “bookmark” or “save as a favorite” the page this link takes you to. This link is an “associate” link that allows me to build a commission on your purchase. This is not a way for me to make money or “get rich quick”. Just honest people (Laridian) willing to pay for word of mouth (internet) advertising. Just click the logo below.

If you are a pastor, church secretary or treasurer, you need to look at using ChurchTrac software. This amazing ministry software will keep attendance records, giving and expenditure records, and assist you in communicating with the congregation. This software was developed as a ministry for the creator’s church. He has turned it into a ministry to any church. Small churches use it at no charge and even the largest churches will find the associated fees extremely affordable. Setup is easy and technical support is wonderful! Just click on the logo below.

As I discover other helpful, affordable software, I’ll update this page.

  1. Managament Software=Management Software

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