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Pray for Israel

According to multiple Israeli new sources, there has been another terrorist attack in Israel. At least seven are dead. Among the dead are two children. They were 4 and 7 years old. The terrorists attack only civilians, then hide among their own civilians knowing that true military forces only attack armed forces. Then, when there are accidental civilian casualties from a military maneuver from ANY country, they say that country does not care about innocent lives.


Here is the headline of an article that every person in the United States should read:

US Helps Pay PA Terrorists Who Murdered Americans
Every single PA terrorist in Israel’s jails receives a monthly salary from the PA, courtesy of American taxpayers.
by Gil Ronen
Published: 15/08/11, 11:26 AM

Mr. Ronen goes on to explain how our tax dollars are given to terrorists who have taken American lives! He breaks down the amounts each classification gets paid.

This is the proof that our government is funding terrorist organizations. Now, it is granted that as long as Israel keeps these men in jail, they will not be carrying out anymore terror. But the longer the sentence in jail, the larger the pay checks are for these men! I know you can say that “foreign aid” is such an insignificant part of the budget that it is not worth even bringing up. I disagree! Every penny needs to be watched and we should not be giving money to people who take innocent lives and especially American lives. Why do we have to learn this from foreign press? The American press has a vested interest in keeping the current politicians in office that agrees with them. So while our government pays salaries for PA murderers, we get to watch the British Royals get married and take trips around the world. In the mean time, our own president is using our tax dollars to destroy our country and run for re-election.