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“Free” Birth Control

This issue has been brought up mostly as distraction! Obama needs to sure up his shrinking base. In case you were not aware, “free” birth control has been available for a very long time!

1. Condoms (which offer many more benefits than many other methods) have been available to teenagers (the President offered his concern for his daughters when they become teens). High schools all across the country hand them out with no questions asked. Say you have graduated (or dropped out) of highschools? No problem.

2. Your local health department has income based services. Many people can get “the pill” at no direct charge to them.

3. Also, Planned Parenthood will handout birth control! They don’t even discuss the possibility that the girl who gets condoms could be allergic to the latex! Can you imagine the pain that will cause?

4. We also have the only true “free” birth control. I personally know it works because I used it all the way through high school and college. It is called ABSTINANCE!

I know you are thinking I am a prude or old fashioned or that I am living with my head in the sand. Compare your method of birth control to abstinance:

(1) 100% effective in preventing pregnancy.

(2) 100% effective in preventing sexually transmitted disease.

(3) 100% affordable by everyone.

(4) Zero negative side effects.

No other type of birth control can claim all this. There are so many other benefits to young people who choose to abstain and practice monogamy inside marriage if I were to list them all here, you likely would quit reading the article.

Our president is having issues when it comes to who is going to pay for all these “free” contraceptives. America fought back when he wanted the religious organizations to be “charitable”. He claims that everyone thinks it is best for the insurance companies to pay for the contraceptives. He does not realize that many of the religious organizations self insured. For these organizations, it would still mean going against their own beliefs. Then there is the issue of those who use actual insurance companies. Where does he think the insurance companies get their money? It comes directly from the religious organizations. Where does the health department get its money to hand out contraceptives? The same place the schools get their money for their freebies. The tax payer!

I have to ask, if Obama is a self proclaimed “wealthy person”, why is his daughter going to need someone else to pay for the contraception? I would dare say it would be because from our president down to his food stamp recipients and welfare collectors, no one wants to take a personal responsibility for their own actions or inactions. No one has addressed the issue of why it would be dangerous for the young Obama girls to have evidence of sexual activity. You have to understand islam to know why. Any woman is caught having sex with anyone not her husband can be beaten and even killed. He speaks of being a Christian, but bows to the king of Saudi Arabia.


Iran can reach US

Virtual Jerusalem

Please click the link and read this article from Virtual Jerusalem. It tells about Irans nuclear weapon capability. This is why at least one of the Republican presidential nominees is complety wrong on his foriegn policy stance.